Ax-Battler in Blackspell's pool. Art by Mike White.

A scrying pool is a magical device used to take a look at what is happening elsewhere. Outside Sonic the Comic, they are commonly seen as crystal balls, allowing the viewer to take a glimpse into the future. The world of The Legend of the Golden Axe shows them to popular appliances among wizard kind. Sorcerer Blackspell contains a large one in his sanctum; the bowl of liquid showed Tyris-Flare and Gilius-Thunderhead that Blackspell had arranged it so Dark Guld's body could be pieced back together and resurrected. Later, a small, portable one was shown under the ownership of Proffit and revealed that Tyris had been taken to the Corpselands.

In the Nameless Zone, Root was seen to have one in the Mandrake Swamp. The device allowed him and a servant to witness what was happening to Blockhead Bill and Society Max, while also allowing him to communicate directly with them. When they were unable to escape, Root reached directly into the pool and grabbed the pair away.


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