Segasonic the Hedgehog (alternatively known as Sonic the Arcade Game or Sonic the Hedgehog Arcade) is an arcade video game that saw limited release outside of Japan. Unique among Sonic the Hedgehog games is that it was played on a standing cabinet with a trackball, with the potential for up to three players joining in at once. The story is that Sonic, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel were captured by Doctor Robotnik and must now spend the course of the game trying to escape. The gameplay mirrors this, with the three heroes constantly moving to avoid the threats on "Eggman's" island.

Although the game was never released on a wide basis in the United Kingdom (limited mainly to Segaworld) and didn't get an adapatation in Sonic the Comic, Mighty became a major supporting character in the Chaotix Crew thanks to another playable appearance in Knuckles' Chaotix. Ray never appeared or was ever even mentioned in an STC strip, but has cameoed in two Sonic the Comic Online stories (both drawn by Adamis). The game itself was previewed in Issue 4 and Issue 17 editions of the News Zone, although the information they revealed in the latter had only been gleamed from a 6-month old demo video and neglected to mention that Mighty appeared. It also states that Ray can't run as fast as Sonic (even though all characters play identically) and that there are only five levels (possibly because "Level 5" appears in a demo screenshot).

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