Art by Ferran Rodriguez.

The Seismatron is a machine built by Doctor Robotnik that appeared in Sonic the Comic Issue 20 story Hill Top Terror. As the name implies, the Seismatron generates seismic activity. It was built in a cavern beneath the Hill Top Zone, where it triggered a volcanic eruption that would have destroyed the village of the Condor Tribe. The machine also contained a two-way communication screen that allowed Robotnik to taunt anyone who came to deactivate it.

At the time, Sonic had turned into Super Sonic and was content with letting the Hill Top folk die. Tails tried begging Super to help, but Super didn't care. Tails then goaded Super Sonic into action by implying that Super couldn't do anything to stop the volcano, and so Super proved him wrong by flying around the lava eruption at supersonic speed. The speed cocoon cooled the molten rock until it solidified, which Sonic had moulded into a statue of himself. The Seismotron was likely destroyed by the eruption it had triggered.

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