Art by Brian Williamson and Steve White.

Sewer Men are creatures that inhabit the second level of Wildside. Completely invisible to the naked eye, these beasts swarm up to their target and kidnap them, taking them to their lair for an unknown reason. Astute searches can spot the Sewer Men by virtue of their shadows, since light can not easily penetrate the creatures' bodies. Eyeclops, one of Casey's superpowered alter-egos, can easily see the creatures thanks to his powers. He can also trace which way they have travelled by using infrared to follow their hidden footprints.

The Sewer Men crept up on Casey and Suzi when they were having a conversation about Wildside and Brad. Casey planned to remove his Red Stealth persona and reveal himself but accidentally triggered his chameleon powers to become Eyeclops. This made the Sewer Men visible and Eyeclops used his gun to destroy them. Some managed to get away with Suzi captive, making their way down the tunnels and blocking them off before Eyeclops could reach them. As Micromax, Casey managed to get through but now could not see the Sewer Men. Micromax was quickly captured, but Casey got his own back when he turned into Bezerker. The monster's extreme strength easily finished off the remaining creatures and allowed the humans to escape.


  • The name 'Sewer Men' seems to be a description of the foes, not strictly their given name. Either way, it was first seen in Issue 9's "next issue" caption, and was then used four times by several characters in the next installment. Their first mentioned name was sewer folk.
  • Although they can't be seen easily, Suzi identifies them with their signature "chckker" sound.


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