Not to be confused with Shaman, a minor character from Earth Spirits.

Shaman Warpull is one of the village elders of the Nameless Zone and is probably the oldest and most senior of the group. Endowed with great wisdom and magical powers, the fox took up temporary leadership of the Zone when the Enchanter Kings were kidnapped by Trogg and also assisted Miles "Tails" Prower at the beginning of two of the youngster's adventures.


Warpull and the rest of the village elders weren't seen until Tails' fourth return to the Nameless Zone (the third STC story), but Tails knew perfectly well who he was. The old man was given permission by the Enchanter Kings to create a portal to Mobius and summoned their champion home, bestowing upon him a mission to save fox cubs Jimmy and Jilly from the goblin population. After providing Tails with his enchanted armour, Shaman Warpull sent their hero on his way, not once listening to his protests of weakness and not being Sonic the Hedgehog's leader. Some time later, Tails returned home victorious. Warpull heaped praise on Tails, allowing him to return home to fight against Doctor Robotnik alongside the "bumbling Sonic the Hedgecutter]].

A while later, Tails visited the Mushroom Hill Zone to help the evacuated Emerald Hill folk. Shaman Warpull created another portal and summoned Tails, appearing more obviously than he did before. Knuckles the Echidna, believing there to be an intruder and that he as capturing Tails, leapt after them both and ended up in the Nameless Zone. After initially appearing to be quite displeased at the intrusion, Warpull softened when he 'realised' that Knuckles was in fact Tails' sidekick "Sonic"! Warpull continued to ignore Tails' protests and revealed the story of the Enchanter Kings' kidnapping and that Errol Blackthorn had been sent to retrieve them from the Land Beyond. Once Errol revealed himself to be a ferocious monster, the Shaman retreated, urging "Sonic" to let Tails fight off the menace. The fight soon ended when Knuckles knocked out Errol and Warpull suggested chaining the foe in the town's stocks.

Later, wondering what to do about the missing Enchanter Kings, Warpull is told by Knuckles that Tails has a plan. When Tails suggests writing Trogg a stiff letter, Knuckles interjects and assures the Shaman that he and Tails will venture to the Land Beyond and free the rulers. Shaman Warpull wished the two good fortune, but stayed behind, presumably assisting with the ruling of the Zone. When the heroes return, Warpull congratulates Tails and Knuckles. He also shows great excitement when Trogg turns back into Shirob, the third Enchanter King.

Warpull has not returned since these events, with subsequent summonings carried out by Morain or Pippa.


Shaman Warpull looks the part of "Shaman", resembling an aged old fox. Warpull wears a long robe, finished off by a large, but simple furred hood. He walks around aided by a large, hooked staff although can move around quickly if presented with danger. He also carries a small green pouch around his neck (although was inexplicably yellow on his final appearance), presumably carrying something to aid in his magical abilities. Warpull has never been shown to use magic, but was taught how to open the portal to Mobius by the Enchanter Kings. Warpull's key feature is his shrewd face, which is evidently aged but shows plenty of experience in his narrow eyes. The shaman has a long beard which is kept in control by a couple of short bands.


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