For the story in which the Skeleton Crew appear, see Skeleton Crew (story).

The Skeleton Crew are a group of mischievous ghosts who feature in one story. An old Mobius legend speaks of them:

On the Emerald Hill on Hallowe'en,
A ghastly sight will sure be seen.
From the pits of the desolate Grim Dead Zone,
Nasty ghosts will rise and roam.
This happens every fifty years,
When the Skeleton Crew play on our fears.

The legend is proved to be true when the Crew rise on the Hallowe'en of 1998 to scare the living daylights of as many Mobians as possible. Although they are ghosts and can't physically harm, they could have caused much trauma before they disappeared at midnight. Tails defeated them by taking them on a chase to the other side of the world where midnight had already happened.

The Skeleton Crew are set to return to the living world in 2048.