Slash is one of the main protaganists from the Eternal Champions series and has appeared in three of the five stories.

Early life and death

Slash was part of a ancient tribe from around 699B.C. who seemed to be much smarter than the rest of his peers. His "intelligence" led to him discovering fire, yet this amazing event only made his elders fear Slash. They proclaimed that Slash was an evil force and stoned him to death.


Slash was one of nine Champions brought back to life by The Eternal Champion to fight in a tournament. The winner would be allowed to stay at Castle Eternity and fight The Overlord. His training was hampered by not being able to understand the technology of the future and was quickly disposed of by Shadow Yamoto in their fight. Slash was returned to the timestream to rightfully die, yet was brought back again when Shadow and Midknight agreed that all nine of them would be more effective at stopping The Overlord.

Before he could start his first true mission, he developed a great disliking for Xavier Pendragon, who watched as the caveman trapped himself in the Battle Room. While Jonathan Blade and Midknight simplified the software for Slash (even though the warrior still couldn't truly understand), Slash attacked Xavier and locked him in the Battle Room.

Slash later accompanied the other eight champions on their first mission to Tokyo where he attempted to stop Nakano and his Bio-Key research. Slash proved adept at dispatching henchmen at first, but soon found himself trapped when trying to rescue Yamoto. While attempting a mind-scan, Nakano only found Slash's mind to be filled with thoughts of fire. The crook tried turning the device up to full power, but this simply caused Slash to break free of his restraints. He later helped the other champions fight Nakano in his huge battle-craft, but was no match for it.


Harking from an early civilisation (although still around the time of Ancient Greece), Slash is extremely primitive and finds modern methods baffling. He wears the skins of the enemies he defeated in combat, also dressed in something that looks awfully like an Atalantean. Slash is quite rude, picking his nose and teeth a lot while growling.

Slash is fascinated by fire. Whenever he sees fire, he will often stop what he is doing and gaze at the flames for hours. Slash loves to inflict pain on his enemies and does so with great skill and gusto. He has become good friends with Trident, neither of them being truly human, while he also has a thing for Jetta Maxx, something that is not reciprocated. Slash gets on well with Rax Coswell, since both enjoy fighting. However, he intently dislikes Xavier and Midknight.

Special Moves

Slash fights with his spiked club, using his immense strength to defeat his enemies. Other special moves include:

  • Double Footed Swing Kick
  • De-Claw
  • Spinal Crush
  • Running Head Butt
  • Bat Back Projectile


  • Slash is said to be from "prehistoric times", although 699 B.C. is hardly prehistoric. His time zone of origin is "prehistoric" and he is known as a "prehistoric hunter" whose fighting style is referred to s "Pain".
  • Slash's real unknown (and probably unpronounceable, apparently).


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