Slimy is the cousin of Grimer and is also an inventor. Unlike his relative, Slimy has been ignored by Doctor Robotnik and vowed to show his prowess by defeating Tails. His "Reducing Ray" shrank Tails to the size of a beetle, then unleashed his Hulko-Droid robot on the local residents. His plan came unstuck when he turned his ray to full power and fired it at Tails, only for the beam to rebound off his beaten robot and reduce Slimy to the size of an atom.


  • Slimy shrank until he was "smaller than an atom". Atoms are generally considered to be the smallest "thing" possible.
  • Robotnik would also find himself shrinking out of sight, emerging on the microscopic planet of Shanazar. Perhaps Slimy found himself somewhere new to live.


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