Smokey's Badnik is the robotic friend of the young Metropolis Zone resident Smokey, both of whom appeared in
Smokey roller
the Issue 75 story Smokey and the Badnik.


Smokey's Badnik was a Roller, one of Robotnik's first generation of Badniks, recognized for their large, blue, rotund bodies. It is unknown exactly when or even how this Roller went AWOL, but every day it would meet Smokey in the closed swimming baths in Metropolis East. One day, Sonic the Hedgehog was in the area hunting for a specific Badnik, which turned out to be the Roller that Smokey had befriended. A Trooper patrol found Sonic and attacked so Smokey and his Badnik friend tried to hide. The fight was brief and Sonic quickly found Smokey again, as well as the Badnik he had been looking for. A Trooper survived the scuffle earlier and pursued Sonic, spraying the area with machine-gun fire. The Badnik tried to protect Smokey by hiding him inside his armoured shell. Sonic thought the Badnik was trying to capture Smokey and after destroying the last Trooper, attacked the Roller. Before Sonic could smash the Badnik, Smokey popped its shell open and begged Sonic to leave the Badnik alone, claiming it was the boy's friend. Reluctantly, Sonic let the Roller go.

The next day, as Smokey was going to meet the Badnik, he was stopped by a Trooper patrol who asked him if he knew anything about a missing Badnik. Smokey lied and told the Troopers that Sonic had destroyed it, and so the Troopers moved on. Once they were gone, the Badnik came out of hiding. When Smokey asked it what it wanted to do that day, the Badnik replied 'I don't mind.' Smokey didn't know until then that the Roller could even talk.

The electromagnetic pulse in "The Final Victory" almost certainly destroyed the Badnik. However, in Issue 251's Encyclopedia Badnika, Norris Wimple mentions a rumour about an antique Roller that travels around the Zone in the company of a young boy...

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