Smokey roller
Smokey and the Badnik is a complete story, starring Sonic the Hedgehog, which appeared in Issue 75 of Sonic the Comic. Its name is a pun on the film Smokey and the Bandit.



In a rundown area of Metropolis City, overlooked by Citadel Robotnik, citizen Smokey is looking for something. In his search, he visits areas that used to be fun and trouble-free... before the arrival of Doctor Robotnik. His contraptions are all over the Zone - and now one is about to pounce on Smokey! But it's OK, as this one is Smokey's friend. A peculiar Roller Badnik, Smokey has been looking for him, as he does seemingly every day. The pair are about to go about their business when Smokey hears a suspect noise from around the corner. Going to investigate, the little bear is confronted with Sonic the Hedgehog. The hero has been on the trail of a particular Badnik, probably Smokey's Badnik, and has tracked him down to here. His investigation is cut short, however, when a Trooper patrol corners Sonic. Smokey runs as Sonic makes light work of his foes. His job isn't over, as Sonic spots the Roller in close proximity to Smokey.

Before he can do anything, another Trooper, one he missed from his previous assault, appears from around the corner and sprays the area with machine gun fire. As Sonic goes about finishing the task, the Roller swallows Smokey, alarming Sonic. With the Trooper easily destroyed, Sonic is about to trash Smokey's Badnik when Smokey himself opens the Badnik's armour and pleads for Sonic to stop, saying the Badnik is his friend. Sonic isn't at all convinced, since nobody knows Badniks like he does. Smokey is defiant, proclaiming that nobody to destroy his friend, Sonic will have to go through him.

The next day, it seems as if Sonic got his own way. Two Troopers are looking for a rogue Badnik and they believe Smokey knows something about it. The boy is distraught to inform them that Sonic smashed it. The hedgehog did his job, no exceptions, leaving Smokey without his friend. Content with his answer, the Troopers leave. Smokey is a good actor, however, and sneaks behind some bins to find the Roller alive and well. With Sonic seemingly convnced and the Troopers no longer searching for it, the pair are free to enjoy their day. Smokey asks what the Badnik wants to do today, the robot responding that it doesn't mind. Smokey is amazed that his Badnik can talk, with the Roller just as surprised that Smokey never asked!


  • It is possible that there was an organic battery inside the Roller. If so, Sonic potentially doomed the inhabitant to a metallic life. However, it could be that the animal resisted the programming and has chosen to be Smokey's friend in this form, much like Shortfuse the Cybernik retaining his personality in his robotic shell.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Mission to the Metropolis Zone. The next is The Big Decision.

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