Solitary is a Knuckles the Echidna complete story, appearing in Issue 241 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Knuckles the Echidna spends much of his time interrogating Doctor Zachary, eager to learn about his missing people. On this occasion, Knuckles asks Zachary about the identity of Vichama, an echidna dead when Knuckles found him, but Zachary refuses to answer. Instead, Zachary taunts him for destroying the Special Zone; Zachary's plan was to destroy Mobius, but the doctor insists that Knuckles' meddling got the Special Zone involved.

Poring over plans for the Floating Island, Knuckles is convinced he'll find answers about Vichama in the documents. He's so stuck in his plans that he almost completely ignores Tikal, who has been having premonitions about a "God of Death". When Knuckles eventually notices Tikal, he rudely tells her to leave, wishing to concentrate. Dejected, she turns to Porker Lewis, who is working on repairs in the Emerald Chamber. She confesses her woes to an awkward Porker, who insists he's just getting used to other people living on the island with him. Porker says she just needs to give him more time, but a shadow passes over Tikal as she belives that time is running out.

Moments later, Tikal chases Knuckles down to warn him about her premonitions. She believes she had the power of foresight in her old life, but Knuckles shouts her down, stating she can't remember her old life. He reels off his worries, particularly the destruction of the Special Zone and demands facts, not murky visions from Tikal. Horrified, Tikal runs off crying, leaving a baffled Knuckles. That night, Porker comes to talk to Knuckles, letting him know what he said was unfair. He suggests that Knuckles should let go of his past and just enjoy what he has right now. The echidna relents and the two friends look out into a starry sky together.


  • The title of the story within the artwork seems to be Solitary Obsessions, but is simply Solitary in the story header and Control Zone.


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story is Horror on the Haunted Hill. The next is Vichama Is Coming Home.

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