Art by Chris G

is a frontier town in an unknown location. Compared to Mobius, the land is very primitive, with the citizens making a living by bartering precious metals and relics on market stalls. The town is ruled by The Regent, a greedy man who owns almost all of the area's gold. There is a sheriff who protects the crowd, but he is suggested to be submissive and will not hold The Regent accountable for his crimes.

The town's currency is Relips and Cluc-Clucs (the latter being worth approximately 7 Relips).

Shortfuse the Cybernik and Tekno the Canary found themselves in this town when accidentally teleporting themselves through the Eternity Ring. Shortfuse kept them alive by trading Tekno's earring gold at the market while the canary fruitlessly attempted to get them home. Shortfuse tried to trick The Regent into lending them vehicles so they could get home, but the ruler forced the hero into a fight with Slave One from the Pyramid of Atum.


Known residents

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