Something Wicked This Way Comes is

Black and blue! Art by Thalia Evans.

a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 232 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Script: Ed Reynolds

Art: Thalia Evans

Lettering: Michael Stewart


Sonic has got wind that the Chaos Emeralds have returned to the Special Zone and is visiting Equinox with Knuckles and Vector. Vector is picking up high energy readings and has learned that the Emeralds are moving towards each other, which will eventually cause a chain reaction that will destroy the Zone when they absorb the waste Chaos energy flowing through the Zone. Soon after, Vector has mustered the rest of Chaotix, and the gathered heroes are making their way to the centre of the Special Zone. Suddenly the lights go out and something collides with their ship. Sonic heads out to investigate, and a second later Vector runs an image scan for the area they're approaching, revealing the image of a hedgehog resembling Sonic.... Shadow the Hedgehog has been unleashed upon the Special Zone, and is drawing the Emeralds towards him with his Chaos Control ability, under Doctor Zachary's instructions. Zachary has already made plans to keep Sonic and Chaotix out of the way, and soon Sonic comes across Zachary's weapon: A huge cocoon, containing hundreds of robot spiders, including a huge one. Chaotix meanwhile are roaming the ship in search of Sonic, and when they come upon a locked door, Mighty breaks through and they are quickly swarmed by the spiders. Sonic is still facing off against the largest, and manages to overcome his fear long enough to block all the exits. He then proceeds to break out of the ship through the ceiling, and immediately comes face to face with Shadow....


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Return to the Death Egg. The next story was Fate of the Special Zone.

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