Sonic and the Secret Rings is a 2007 video game released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. The game is mostly
an "on-rails" adventure, with Sonic the Hedgehog racing through the One Thousand and One Nights storybook, aiming to defeat the evil Erazor Djinn.

Currently, Secret Rings hasn't seen any sort of adaptation in Sonic the Comic Online. However, STC characters feature in the game, although adopting new personas; Tails (Ali Baba), Knuckles (Sinbad) and Doctor Robotnik (King Shahryar). Additionally, the multiplayer mode allowed players to use Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat and Silver the Hedgehog.

In Issue 243, Sonic and the Secret Rings was featured in the Review Zone, with Iain Stewart awarding the game 91%. He gushed that the "stunningly fast" game had an "awesome gameplay style" and brought back the "real Sonic". On the downside, the multiplayer was derided and the presentation could have been improved.


  • Funnily enough the idea of Sonic finding himself trapped in an arabian-based world had already been used by Sonic the Comic years ago in the Shanazar arc.

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