Sonic the Back-to-School Special (typeset as the BACK-TO-SCHOOL special!) was a special edition of Sonic the Comic Online. Released on the 22th September 2009, at STC Online, the issue contained one new story, several features and a double-page cover by Bakasam. It was announced on Facebook and Twitter that the issue had been re-released on 4th September 2017 to fall in line with the format introduced in Issue 269.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Road Race! is a complete story depicted as a "flashback" as it features Sonic in the days before he wasn't seen to be a terrorist. Written by Ed Reynolds, drawn by Thalia Evans and lettered by Charles Ellis, the story sees Sonic and Tails, take on Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross - the Babylon Rogues - in a deadly race. Televised by the Kane Broadcasting Company, the race sees the Rogues believe that winning will take them to the magical island of Babylon. However, Sonic discovers that the whole thing is rigged and saves his rivals from a gruesom death in front of millions. It still doesn't stop people believing Sonic is to blame, though...


The Control Zone is rather "school" themed, with Megadroid (dressed in a cap, blazer and tie) introducing Boomers to some "class-y" strips (although there's only one). As well as advertising the features in the style of a school day, Megadroid says that our homework is to check out two new comics by Richard Elson (Kingdom: Call of the Wild and a zombie Hulk) plus Brickman by Lew Stringer.

This issue's Data Zone is a brief one, only giving information on Sonic and Tails. The "story so far" is that "For years, Sonic and his Freedom Fighters protected Mobius from any threat. Even when the Kane Broadcasting Company slandered him in the media, he kept going… But now Sonic is missing, with everyone – even the Freedom Fighters – convinced he’s turned evil!

The pin-up section is suggested to be an art class, with a summery Amy Rose and a Sonic/Jet clash in the Emerald Hill Zone by Adamis. Fast Ashadonic races in with profile shots of Turbo and Blockhead Bill, two other contestants who supposedly took part in the KBC race. There's also a wallpaper of schoolboy Megadroid, and one of the cover.

Speedlines returns, with Megadroid answering four e-mails on external linking of STC-O, the [[Panzer Dragoon] story, praise for the online comic and, oddly a DHL delivery notice (with a footnote from "Ed"). Finally, the Coming Soon section saw the repeat of the Issue 250 trailer by Black Dog Brew.

The cover

Bakasam's front cover replaced the popular Bash Street Kids characters with Sonic characters. The full list is:


The issue was appreciatively accepted, particularly in the run up to Issue 250. The comic strip wasn't a massive success, but the artwork of Evans was praised. Although most of the attention was given to the strip, Speedlines was once considered to be "pointless" and reaction to the trailer was mixed.



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