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Sonic the Comic Wiki is a collaborative website about Fleetway's Sonic the Comic and the fan continuation Sonic the Comic Online.

Latest Issue

265 Cover

Cover art by TheFatPanda and Adamis

The latest main issue is Issue 265, released December 24th 2014.



Latest Special

STCC Cover

Cover art by Michael Corker

The latest special issue is the Sonic The Comic Con Special, released online on December 24th 2014 in issue 265's Comic Con Zone but originally given away free in physical form at Sonic The Comic Con on October 26th 2014.



Help STC Wiki!

Here are some of the things the wiki needs your assistance with right now!

  • Story pages: Check the List of stories in Sonic the Comic Online page to see which stories are redlinked and then make a page for them! Use another story page as a guideline!
  • Staff pages: Check out recent contributions from STC/STCO staff members and see who needs updating and if anyone is redlinked.
  • Pictures: Wherever possible, each page ought to have at least one picture to make it more visually appealing!

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