Exclusive to Sonic the Comic Online (although elements of Sonic Heroes and Sonic Shuffle are used), Sonic the Hedgehog took part in a story arc in which he was disgraced in the eyes of every Mobian after a malicious smear campaign. Sonic is currently a fugitive, accused of being a terrorist.


The hero of Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog, had just achieved a major victory. With The Syndicate destroyed, Shadow the Hedgehog killed and Doctor Robotnik seemingly lost forever, Sonic had some cause for celebration. However, just two weeks later, a documentary was released by Kane Broadcasting Company. Commissioned by Percival Kane and filmed by villains Hobson and Choy, the TV programme showed Sonic in a whole new light and suggested a much darker side to the hero. With some clever editing, Sonic's friends were seen to be scared of their leader and revealed twisted ideas about the hedgehog, such as his transformation into Super Sonic and his responsibilty for creating Robotnik. Sonic headed to the scene of the broadcast, intent on finding out why he was being smeared in such a way. Unfortunately, with the media in control, Sonic's message to the people was cut short.

Sonic is later called to deal with Family psychologist Oscura. As the bug switches bodies with Sonic and runs into the streets of the Metropolis Zone, Oscura finds himself stuck between two factions; half of the people support Sonic, not forgetting everything he's ever done for them. The other half are terrified of, and furious at, Sonic for betraying their trust. Exasperated, Oscura gives a rousing speech which gets everybody gathered back on Sonic's side and proposes to Amy Rose. Although the plot is just a villain's and is soon quashed, just one brief show of affection seems to be getting the people back on Sonic's side.

Things get worse for Sonic when comedian Harold Hilltop is attacked by loyal Sonic supporters for mocking him on television. Sonic heads into the studio to stop the mob from hurting an innocent person and the supporters leave, but they believe he's not quite the hero they once thought. Not only has Sonic lost friends and supporters, KBC twist events to suggest that Sonic led the army of fans to attack Hilltop, damaging Sonic's reputation even further.

Sonic feels his status as popular hero slipping away and his morale isn't helped when all of his friends are busy on Christmas Eve, leaving Sonic to watch the TV alone. Witnessing everyone making fun of him and discussing his bad side, Sonic falls asleep incredibly miserable.

Sonic the Terrorist

With Sonic's reputation in tatters, things go from bad to worse. Sonic is called to the Metropolis Zone where a bomb has exploded, covering the streets in poisonous Mega Mack. An audio broadcast is released, with the attacker claiming responsibility and claiming he has many more bombs to detonate. In order to stop him, Sonic must surrender the Freedom Fighters on Flickies' Island. The Kintobor Computer traces the transmission to the Hill Top Zone and decides to head the "nutter" off. Once there, he is attacked by an unseen enemy. However, Sonic arrives back at the Freedom Fighters' base unscathed, revealing that the criminal was just another small-fry. Unfortunately, Sonic is still in the Hill Top Zone; a new broadcast is circulating throughout Mobius, with what appears to be Sonic claiming that he is the new ruler of Mobius.

Sonic begins his investigation alone, now that the Freedom Fighters have been captured. His first port of call is the Chemical Plant Zone, home of Mega Mack. There, Sonic dangles Grouchio Marxio over a vat of the chemical and interrogates him, demanding to know why he's helping a criminal. Grouchio reveals that Mega Mack goes missing on the black market often, leading Sonic to visit Max Gamble and Don Long-Legs in the Casino Night Zone. Reluctantly, Gamble admits that The Family sold Mega Mack to Percival Kane, which leads Sonic to his next location. In a helicopter high above Metropolis City, Kane reveals to Sonic that he only bought the chemical for investigative purposes. Before Sonic can accuse Kane further, news comes in of a Mega Mack missile heading to the Green Hill Zone.

On his way, Sonic asks Kintobor what he knows, but the computer isn't being very helpful. Sonic lists off potential suspects as to who could be behind his fall from grace - Kane, The Family, Robotnik, the Drakon Empire, Nack the Weasel, Grimer, Doctor Zachary, King Sonic, Metamorphia, The League of Super-Evil Villains and even Arnem Abacus. Sonic reaches the missile but is unable to disarm it before it reaches the Zone. Caught in its explosion, Sonic is arrested for terrorism and is locked away.

Betrayal of the Freedom Fighters

Stuck in prison, Sonic is visited by Amy Rose who pleads Sonic's innocence. While she's there, she blasts away the forcefield to his cell with an invisible weapon and escapes with Sonic. When the pair are cornered, Amy teleports herself and Sonic out of the prison into a flying craft piloted by Knuckles the Echidna. Along with Tails, the four fly away from the prison. Just as Knuckles confesses that he doesn't believe Sonic to be a traitor, the hedgehog knocks Knuckles out cold and steals Amy's gun, stunning her too. Sonic shoots out the controls, leaving Tails to attempt a crash-landing. The impact leaves all three conspirators groggy, but Sonic flees. All is not as it seems as "Sonic" melts into a crack in the ground. The real Sonic has just been woken up, apparently broken out of prison earlier by the imposter. As the enemy taunts Sonic for alienating his friends, the criminal reveals himself to be a new Metallix.

After many sleepless days and nights, Sonic eventually defeats Metallix and escapes from the volcano in which he has been held, only to find a holographic projection of Grimer waiting for him. Robotnik's former chief scientist reveals that he was behind Sonic's fall from grace. He explains that he watched Robotnik become insane and, in his last moments, vowed to serve his master one more time by getting revenge on his number one enemy. He also allowed The Family to enter Mobius before the destruction of the Special Zone and fed Kane information in order to tear down Sonic in the media. With the planet terrified of Sonic and his closest friends hating him, there is nothing left for Sonic to do but leave Mobius forever.


Sonic decides to follow Grimer's advice and leave Mobius (disguised as Bob Beaky.) However, his plans are cut short when Robotnik returns and starts a war, intent on returning to power. Sonic changes his mind and sets about destroying as many Badniks as possible, discovering Robotnik's pact with the Drakons along the way. The shamed hedgehog secretly visits Tails, helping him defeat one of Robotnik's machines, labelling the fox as the new hero of Mobius in the process.

Sonic the Hedgehog now spends all of his free time travelling the world, destroying all the Badniks he comes across. In this time, he has also assisted Lumina Flowlight and Ebony, not getting any closer to clearing his name and proving his innocence.


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