Sonic the Hedgehog (commonly known as SatAM among fans, owing to its appearance on Saturday morning television) was a Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. Set in an apocalytpic world where Doctor Robotnik was in charge, resisting Sonic the Hedgehog and his team of Freedom Fighters, SatAM was possibly the cartoon most closely linked to Sonic the Comic.

Few of the characters are the same between the two communities. Sonic and Tails made it in from the games, while Sally Acorn plays a much more prominent role in the cartoon. Doctor Robotnik rules from the city of Robotropolis, but relies more on heavy-duty Swatbots to assist him. He is not without his Badniks, as a Crabmeat is one of his closest assistants.

The cartoon was advertised in Sonic the Poster Mag 1, alongside Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. The latter cartoon received much more of the coverage and the issue continuously got the two cartoons mixed up, the title card of "SatAM" being labelled as AoSTH and SatAM members listed as being both cartoons. In the section Secrets of the 2 Sonic Series!, more information on the cartoon is listed.

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