Sonic the Summer Special
is an exclusive production from Sonic the Comic Online which follows Sonic the Comic's old tradition of producing summer comics from 1994 to 1996. Released on the 13th of August 2009.




Brotherhood is a complete story starring Tails almost entirely by Iain Stewart, with B&W art from Calisto. One of only two Freedom Fighters left active, Tails has to deal with attacks and kidnappings that seem to be coming from a Metallix. With Amy Rose unable to be contacted, Tails searches for the culprit alone. Finding it (and many others) in a deserted warehouse, the fox fights a tough battle and is eventually saved when the "Metallixes" reveal themselves to be members of the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe. The police deal with them afterwards.

Panzer Dragoon

Panzer Dragoon is a teaser story, testing the waters for a possible Panzer story in future. Created by Pete Murphy, the adventure covers some of the facts from the original Panzer Dragoon game and its star, Lundi. The hero hails from Elpis and lives with his dragon, Lagi. His town is attacked while they are away from it and, suddenly, the two of them are the only things that can save everything he knows.



Speedlines returns in this special, with one email praising Sonic the Comic's unique spin on characters. Another wishes to work for the STC-O team while somebody else complains about zealous recording labels for muting one of Black Dog Brew's videos. Art hume Marcus Stockley revealed his favourite story to be Robotnik Reigns Supreme and Message Zone regular "Moo" is the only one to respond to a "Summer Memories" request, recounting her earlier days of reading STC.


There were six posters this special:

Coming Soon

A trailer for Issue 250 was created by Black Dog Brew. A slideshow of STC-O images, the video featured The Betrayal of Mobius, Rouge Alert, Goodbye, Mobius, Sunset and many clips of The Battle For Mobius. The video also contained the recurring tagline of "It's All Been Leading To This" and a release date of Autumn 2009, although Issue 250 actually came out in January the following year.



The previous issue was Issue 249. The previous special was the Hallowe'en Special. The next issue and special was the Back to School Special.

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