Art by Lisa Lee.

Sophie Rogan is an AMS agent from The House of the Dead series. Wife of Thomas Rogan and mother to Lisa Rogan, Sophie is one of the few survivors of the Curien Incident and is dedicated to ridding the world of zombies.


Prior to events in Sonic the Comic Online, Sophie was captured by the Resurrection Men. Member Agnes Reid questioned Sophie multiple times about the Curien Incident and her involvement with Doctor Curien. She gave herside of the story and revealed how she helped Thomas and G fight Type 22: The High Priestess. After the final interview, she was released from her shackles but became surrounded by zombies. Initially putting up a good fight, she was eventually rescued by Thomas. With her husband as protection, Sophie knocked out Agnes with a chair. She then accompanied her family to headquarters, revealing what happened to Alan and research into "Naomi".

At the Tower of London, Sophie danced with her husband but had little to do in the subsequent battles.


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