Old man Blackspell, art by Mike White

Sorcerer Blackspell was a wizard from Auropolis who wishes to rule over the world. He had a female disciple named Ul-Tima.

His main plan was to bring the fallen Dark Guld back to life and use him to lead his conquering armies. To this end, Blackspell captured Tyris-Flare and Gilius-Thunderhead, intending to kill one of the warriors who killed Guld. Blackspell's plan was going very well, with Dark Guld's body restored to its former glory and Tyris almost powerless to resist an attack from the Golden Axe that would bring the villain back to life. However, Tyris used fire magic to evade death while her two friends also intervened. Worse still, Blackspell was forced to share the same body with Dark Guld after the resurrection spell failed. When Blackspell continued to complain, Guld punched Blackspell unconscious which also meant the spell couldn't be completed until he woke up. When he eventually did, he was engulfed in the eruption of Firedrake Fell.

Blackspell's magic powers were extraordinary. During his short tenure in Sonic the Comic, he was able to make several medicines including one sleeping potion, created a scrying pool, projected an image of his head to Ax-Battler, prepared to resurrect someone and brought a wall completely to life, commanding it to bring Tyris to the Corpselands. He also had two trusty lieutenants in Rigia Mortius and Ul-Tima, as well as several dozens of henchmen like minotaur and skeleton soldiers. Ultimately, it was his futile goal of wanting to conquer the world that ended his life, enjoying a miserable end in Dark Guld's body.

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