Quite handy if you've accidentally left the door open while up there on a mission.

Space Hedgehog is a complete story published in The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks.


  • This story is uncredited.


The mountains of the Hill Top Zone reach high above the clouds, but Doctor Ivo Robotnik wants to reach even higher - not out of academic devotion to advancement, naturally, but because he wants to be rid of the infernal blue hedgehog. He has designed a rocket ship in which he intends to trap Sonic The Hedgehog and blast him off to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, so leaving Mobius wholly in the good Doctor's tender mercies.

Elsewhere in the Hill Top Zone, Sonic is enjoying a workout on the fresh Alpine slopes, blissfully unaware of Robotnik's dastardly plan. He is confronted by a pair of Badniks, but he easily evades their attacks - however, Sonic the show-off doesn't realise that his acrobatics are atop a thin crust until it breaks underneath him, dumping Sonic into an underground cavern - flooded with liquid plastic which rapdily sets and hardens, locking Sonic immobile within a literally solid prison!

A gloating Robotnik carves Sonic out of the plastic and carries the block of his hated enemy to the rocket, unceremoniously dumping him inside and sealing the door. Robotnik is an engineer, and even though he only intends to fire a payload up into space he apparently hasn't been able to resist building and completely fitting out an entire cockpit module - complete with an air conditioning unit, which Sonic uses to free himself, shaking the block that he is imprisoned in until he falls over and hits the temperature control, knocking it to maximum and melting the plastic.

Outisde, Robotnik spares a quiet moment of reflection on the passing of his foe to an ignominious, dwindling, fading end in the abyssal depths of the cold nether - and then joyously presses the launch button. His eyes are feasting on the glorious sight of the rocket stirring to life, so much so that he doesn't notice an arm belonging to a certain animal reaching in with a rope and surreptiriously tying his leg to the rocket.

By the time Robotnik cottons on to what is happening, the rocket is blasting off and shooting up towards the stars - taking Robotnik with it! The rope breaks - lardbelly was too heavy for it - but that doesn't mean that Robotnik is getting off lightly, as he plummets down towards one of the Hill Top Zone's seesaws - on which a smug Sonic has set himself. Robotnik faceplants into the seesaw, knocking himself out and catapulting Sonic high into the air, giving him ample ability to descend down on and bop the Badniks who were harrassing him earlier, freeing the Mobians trapped inside. Sonic leaves Robotnik to have a snooze - presumably offering some grudging respect for a plan that almost worked - and races off to tell Tails about his latest aeronautical adventure.


  • The Egg puns pervade and linger like the bad smell of a rotten egg itself:
    • Eggs-tremely.
    • Eggs-tricate.
    • Eggs-pel.
    • Eggs-perience.
    • Eggs-tinct.
    • Eggs-cursion.
    • Eggs-asperating.


The previous story in the Yearbook was Tails' Tale. The next is Big Trouble.

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