Sparkster is a hero from the planet of Elhorn. Once the leader of the mighty Rocket Knights, Sparkster is now alone.

Brave and cool under pressure spends an unknown amount of time from Elhorn, but returns to Zebulon City to discover that King Gedol has taken over the empire and has brainwashed his people, including Sparkster's sweetheart, Princess Shelly. Armed with a sword, a jetpack and his mystic armour, Sparkster embarks on a quest to free his fellow public from Gedol's rule and save the princess.

Sparkster manages to save the day, thanks to his mystical armour freeing people from their curse while they are near Sparkster. The hero also has to fight the evil inside himself and a final conclusion sees Gedol fall to his death and the people saved. It is unknown what became of the last of the Rocket Knights after this adventure, but it is likely he stayed to defend Shelly's nation from other attacks.

Outside STC

Sparkster has appeared in four offical video games. Rocket Knight Adventures for the Mega Drive came in 1993, followed by Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 a year later. A spin-off, simply entitled Sparkster appeared on the Super Nintendo. As recent as 2010, a new game was produced for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, called Rocket Knight. The story in Sonic the Comic is loosely based on the second installment.


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