It is an arrestingly postmodern narrative which interrogates the assumptions of anodised juvenile-heroic fiction from a deconstructivist perspective, exposing the logical contradictions which inherently limit the genre and highlighting the absurd qualities which, paradoxically, enhance its appeal rather than inspiring realist disdain.

Speed Demonz[sic] is an eight-page complete story published in The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks.


  • This story is uncredited.


Sonic is out and about in the Spring Yard Zone, indulging in his usual pastime of bopping badniks and collecting power rings, pleased to be able to do so without having to worry about Doctor Robotnik butting in. Indeed, Sonic is fairly blasé about the prospect of his arrival in general, because with his speed and agility Sonic is confident that he can outpace Robotnik at any turn.

Today, though, that is going to be put to that test. Robotnik himself is close at hand, however, and is preparing another scheme to outdo the spiny blue one. He installs a new upgrade, the "Turb-O-Boost" to his Egg-o-Matic - a device which will allow him to fly faster than Sonic himself.

Robotnik wastes little time and immediately sets off in pursuit of Sonic. Sonic is unimpressed by Robotnik's boasting about his Egg-o-Matic's new enhancement - the Turb-O-Boost "sounds like some sort of washing powder" - but he is nonetheless slightly perturbed when Robotnik is actually able to dodge his attacks thanks to the new engine.

Still, the most advanced and sophisticated technology is little use without a skilled operator, which the Doctor is not. Even as Robotnik flies faster and faster, Sonic is still able to dodge and weave about him thanks to better maneouvring and reading of the terrain, eventually whipping up a tornado around the Egg-o-Matic which whirls it around and leaves Robotnik dizzy.

Losing his temper, Robotnik pushes the Turb-O-Boost beyond its maximum "Psychotic!" setting - and shoots forward with such speed that before he can stop himself he flies off the comic page and is lost in the vastness of the all-consuming featureless limbo of the Panel Gutters.



Limitations of the strip's art exhibited.

  • "Speed Demonz"[sic] includes the only appearance of the Spring Yard Zone in an official U.K. comic. The Zone was never visited at any point throughout the entire run of Sonic the Comic - presumably because the idea of the Zone was superceded by the brighter and more diversely characterful Casino Night Zone. It has only been indirectly referenced in Sonic the Comic Online, where a Mobian is seen wielding a sign marked "COPE" in The Battle For Mobius.
  • Like companion piece Tails' Tale, this is a fairly unsophisticated piece which is more "videogame replication" that "adaptation". Most panels are viewed on a flat 2D plane, and on occasions where the perspective is different Sonic is not moving through an actual landscape but rather along a level, narrow platform.
  • This comic also features a positive embarrassment of "Egg-" puns. Offenders include:
    • Eggs-terminate
    • Eggs-tricate
    • Eggs-cape
    • Eggs-cessive
    • Eggs-uberance


This story is a standalone oneshot and does not reference or influence any other adventures.

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