Not to be confused with a spike trap or Badniks Spikes, Spiker or Spiker 2.


Art by Richard Elson.

Spike is a bulldog from the Metropolis Zone. He runs the pub Spike's Place, a backstreet establishment that welcomes all manners of thugs and criminals.


Whilst manning the bar one day, Spike listened in as his customers talked about Super Sonic and how he had supposedly killed the Freedom Fighters. Unbeknownst to him, Spike had already served Sonic the Hedgehog a cola and was surprised to discover him when a rat took off his hood. His reaction turned to terror when Sonic turned back into Super Sonic and began to trash Spike's Place before tearing a hole in the roof.

Much later, Spike repaired his bar, returning it to its former glory. Once again, Spike served a cloaked Sonic a cola and, as before, was forced to watch as his pub was destroyed - this time by Doctor Ivo Robotnik and his Libra robot.


  • Spike is almost identical to Lieutenant Furor, a character that was introduced three issues later. Both are bulldogs that have an eyepatch over their right eye.


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