Spike's Place is a bar in a rough area of the Metropolis Zone. Despite its unwelcome appearance, the pub is home to card games and dancing, while the regulars enjoy keeping up with current affairs. Sonic the Hedgehog once visited this place for a quiet cola, but was discovered when Sonic couldn't keep his mouth shut. The regulars moved in to capture him for the reward from Doctor Robotnik, but turned into the demonic Super Sonic and trashed the place.

Spike's Place returned, along with landlord Spike, in Sonic the Comic Online. Sonic was once again a customer, this time passing time by creating a house of cards. The structure, along with much of the pub, was destroyed when Robotnik sent his Libra robot to attack Sonic.


  • The pub is one known place where one might buy a pint of Dictators, a hand-pulled ale.


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