Art by Richard Elson

Spike traps are inexplicable hazards littered throughout Mobius, but most often seen in the Green Hill Zone and Emerald Hill Zone. It is unknown if they are naturally occurring traps or were designed by Doctor Robotnik, but they have yet to claim anyone's life in the pages of Sonic the Comic. As the name suggests, they are traps in the form of spike pits placed near cliffs where heroes are likely to accidentally fall in.

In the very first story, Enter: Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog built up too much momentum after smashing a group of Buzz Bomber Badniks and plummeted towards a trap. Fortunately, a passing Bat Brain took this opportunity to attack Sonic. The collision allowed Sonic to bounce over to safety, as well as helping him to rescue organic battery Porker Lewis from reaching a spiky end. Later, in the Labyrinth Zone, Sonic encouraged his hero friends to watch out for hidden traps planted to stop them from rescuing Tails. Time Racer shows the landscape littered with spikes, although there appears to be no obvious place to fall from into them. The underground of the Casino Night Zone has them in a pinball machine. They were finally phased out after a computer simulation on the Death Egg saw Sonic trick a Rhinobot onto one, with Tails keeping Sonic safe from harm.

Alternative spike traps involve crushing walls, usually horizontally-aligned ones, that are also fitted with protruding spikes. These spike traps gradually zone in on anyone that happens to fall into the pit, with the aim being to flatten and/or impale the victim. On occasion, this variety of spike trap can even be electrified, preventing anyone from simply using the spikes to climb out of the hole.

Away from Mobius, Joe Musashi had to deal with a spike trap in the Neo Zeed building in Tokyo, Japan. This was just one of many traps Musashi was able to safely navigate in his search for Naoko.


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