Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns.

Splats is a rabbit-like Badnik and one of Dr. Robotnik's earliest Badnik models. It first appeared in Issue 1 of Sonic the Comic. Splats would hop around along the ground and attack enemies by jumping on them, headbutting them or mauling them with its metal paws. On occasion, it also appeared to be able to fire blasts from its arms.

A Splats, accompanied by two Moto Bugs, was one of the first Badniks Sonic the Hedgehog ever encountered. The robot, on this occasion able to fly, ambushed Sonic and attempted to grab him with its hidden claws, intending to make the hero an organic battery. Sonic instantly retaliated with a Spin Attack and destroyed it.

They were not very successful models and were decomissioned after Robotnik had conquered Mobius. The Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe later acquired the schematics to build their own Badniks, Splats included.


  • Splats was originally featured in the beta version of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive, but was removed from the finished game.
  • The colour of the Badnik has never been consistent. On two occasions, Splats was coloured light blue, similar to how he would eventually be officially be revealed to look. However, he was also coloured grey/silver on several occasions, fitting in with other uncoloured Badniks. A Splats toy Doctor Ivo Robotnik received for Christmas was orange (and furry).
  • Splats has always been depicted with a spring for a base, except for Mike Hadley's version (pictured). He has also taken liberty with other Badnik designs, particularly the Moto Bug.
  • A version of Splats featured in Sonic 3D on the Mega Drive and Saturn consoles.



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