Fabian "brings down the house"

Spooked is an Amy & Tekno complete story, appearing in Issue 116.



The residents of the Old Hill Zone are being terrified by the wails coming from inside a haunted house. Fortunately, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary are in the area to investigate. The residents are taking measures to protect themselves from ghosts, such as hanging carrots around their doors (garlic is too expensive). Skeptical, Amy and Tekno head into the house to find out for themselves. Indeed, the girls hear the moaning, but Tekno insists that there must be a scientific explanation for it. Amy manages to push Tekno out of the way of a falling stone gargoyle before they make their way upstairs. They hear the wailing even clearer now, behind a door, which sounds like the "ghost" is in pain. Curious, they open the door but are horrified by what they see. Fabian Vane is inside, rehearsing for his comeback tour. Before they can really find out what's going on, parts of the ceiling start dropping off and the heroes realise that Vane's singing has weakened the foundations and the whole building is starting to collapse! They all manage to get outside in the nick of time, but with Fabian's demo tapes stuck inside, it looks like he won't be coming back to stardom for a good while yet.


  • Fabian Vane was last seen in Star Struck, their first meeting.


The previous Amy & Tekno story was Earthbound. The next is High in the Sky.

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