Springs are devices littered throughout the world of Mobius that enable the user to achieve a great height by jumping on it. Mobian springs are quite like real world ones, but one end is attached to the ground, the other end having a large flat base to land on. The springs are one of many video game items to make it into the early stories of Sonic the Comic, but were quickly deemed to be unnecessary. The first appearance was in Issue 4's Day of the Badniks.

A Hyper-Spring was featured in the story Marble Garden Menace, where it transported Sonic the Hedgehog (and an uninvited Amy Rose) all the way to the Floating Island. A normal spring was a large part of the non-STC story Sticky Problems, where Sonic found himself glued to a spring.

A spring was a minor plot point in the Sonic the Comic Online story Libra. A spring adorned with a star was part of a supply crate dropped by G.U.N.. Sonic used the spring as part of an elaborate stunt to destroy the Libra robot for the second time.

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