The Squeeze Tag Machine is one of Dr. Robotnik's modified Egg-o-Matic vehicles. It is heavily armoured, equipped
Squeezetag 37
with two powerful arms for punching through obstacles and crushing enemies, and is also protected by a spiked canopy to prevent Sonic attacking from above. This is the same machine known as Big Arm which served as the final boss in the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 video game. It made its appearance in Sonic the Comic issues 37 and 38 in the two-part story, Robotnik's Revenge.

After discovering the location of the Freedom Fighters' secret base, Doctor Robotnik personally led an army of Badniks to the Emerald Hill Zone to destroy it and wipe out Sonic's resistance. With the Squeeze Tag Machine, he easily dug his way into Sonic's base and did battle with him and Johnny Lightfoot. Despite several direct hits with his super spin attack and even burying it with a shower of boulders, Sonic was unable to stop the machine. It wasn't until the arrival of Knuckles the Echidna that the tide of battle turned. Knuckles used his own strength to smash Robotnik's canopy, allowing Sonic to launch Robotnik out of the cockpit with a spin attack. The remains of the Squeeze Tag Machine were buried when Robotnik's Badniks destroyed the Freedom Fighters' base.

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