As its name implies, the Stone Tower Zone is extremely rocky, with large rock formations being carved into livable structures. Quarrying is clearly the zone's primary industry, with mining equipment being a common site throughout the city. Stone Tower went largely unnoticed by Robotnik during RBR, until the doctor - angered by the sudden disappearance of the population of the Emerald Hill Zone - set his Mekanik robot on a rampage in order to vent his frustration, and to hopefully kill Sonic when he inevitably showed up to save the day. Such was not to be as Sonic - with aid from Shortfuse - was able to destroy the Mekanik before it completely levelled the zone.

The zone would later be attacked by wannabe dictator Lord Dave in the wake of Robotnik's defeat, and then again after Sonic's fall from grace. On both occasions, he was foiled by the Freedom Fighters, though he did succeed in doing some damage to the zone with his arsenal.

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