Streets of Rage is a 6-part story and the first in the series of the same name.



PC Axel Stone is responding to a distress call on Finch Alley but everything seems to be fine. Seconds later, Axel gets ambushed by masked men with iron bars. Axel attempts to call the police station for back-up, but nobody answers. He soon realises that the people he is being attacked by are corrupt cops, getting revenge for Axel "squealing" on his friends. Later, in a hospital bed, Axel is surrounded by doctors and friends Max Hatchet and Blaze Fielding. Axel had somehow managed to jump into a river and escaped with only bone damage and internal bleeding. Worse still, the doctor has discovered a note in Axel's pocket stating that it's "not over yet". That night, Max accuses Captain Wyndam of being on the "take", like almost every other officer in the precinct. Instead of making a complaint, Max and Blaze decide to quit the force and take to the streets, hoping to get back at Axel's attackers. That night, local businessman Hawk gets a call during his exercise. Wyndam worriedly confesses that Max and Blaze have quit the force, making things personal for Hawk.

The city continues to rot with corruption, but Blaze and Max are ready to heal it. As another gang causes trouble by destroying Ken's Korner Shop, a Battle Wagon rolls up. Nervous, leader Ziggy orders Bananas to destroy the van but he misses, blowing up part of a building instead. Ziggy realises the bazooka man has been shot and is soon kicked in the head by Blaze. Max joins in the fight, easily fighting off the weak gang members. Max is even more happy now that he has a bazooka in his posession. With his new gun, Max heads to The Safe House, a factory housing 24-hour drug production. Not any more, as the Battle Wagon bursts into the building and Max fires the bazooka at a flammable vat. The entire factory goes up in flames, leaving the supervisor to grovel to owner Hawk. Unsympathetic, Hawk shoots the fool before ordering ninjas to kill Max.

That night, Max returns home, training for future battles. He realises just in time that his apartment has been invaded by ninjas with crossbows. The warrior jumps over the bolts, watching as the two of them are shot. A third attempts to slice Max open with a sword but Max thumps him with a set of dumbbells. Unfortunately, he cannot find the fourth assassin before he is put to sleep by a dart. In the hospital, Blaze mopes that Axel is half-dead and Max is now missing. Officer Murphy attempts to console her but she lashes out, asking why he still works for a corrupt force. Murphy says he has a wife and children to look after, instead giving her a police tracer to keep. In a foundry, Max wakes up to discover himself tied to a chair at gunpoint. Hawk looks forward to killing his old police partner, just as much as relishing the thought of ninjas on their way to Axel's hospital bed.

In City Hospital, Murphy comes face to face with ninjas but is quickly knocked out. Axel is awake but scared, realising the ninjas have come for his head. Back at the foundry, Max draws out the killing process. Blaze attempts to sneak in through the roof but is soon caught by a rooftop guard. Blaze is confident that the men won't hurt this lady, but she's mistaken as Hawk slaps her face for talking. The armed guard hands over her police tracer and Hawk tosses it out of reach. Hawk continues to get his revenge, wanting the vigilantes out of his way so business can prosper. Hawk prepares to shoot Blaze but is distracted by a massive explosion killing a number of guards. Shocked, Hawk comes face to face with a kitted-out Axel.

Axel begins to fire at his foes with Hawk retaliating. With his captor distracted, Hawk shuffles his chair to a steep edge and topples over, not wanting to be shot. Hawk gives his men orders before chasing down Max who has escaped from the chair. Meanwhile, Max finds the tracer and activates it, hoping that help will come. Hawk continues his search with two guards, seemingly willing to talk things over with Max. Instead Max, high up above them, causes a mechanism to come crashing down, killing the two henchmen. Outside, Blaze and Axel run out to the sight of Murphy and the cavalry. Blaze reveals she's been shot a couple of times in the shoulder, but Murphy focuses his attention on the building. Calling a helicopter on the radio, his plan is to drop an incendiary bomb on the plant, flushing out Hawk and his "goons". Before she can stop him and say that Max is still in there, the bomb hits.

Inside, the fight continues despite being up in flames. Hawk seems to be getting the upper hand with Max suffering some broken bones in the blast. Axel has to restrain Blaze from a suicidal run back inside, while Max drags Hawk off a steep edge, landing on Hawk's back. On a conveyor belt, the fighters narrowly miss a collapsing ceiling as they head for a slag pit. Max is in trouble, trapped under a rock, but manages to free himself enough to kick Hawk into the lava. Outside, Max is reunited with Axel and Blaze but Wyndam arrives, saying Max and Blaze is under arrest. Axel, still a police officer, is in big trouble. Axel responds by punching Wyndam in the face snd resigning. Murphy, however, helps Wyndam up and hands him a tissue, much to Blaze's anger. Max calms her down, saying he'll be there to help in the future as things start to get heavy...


  • Peter Richardson makes his STC debut and would go on to draw all four Streets stories.


This is the first Streets of Rage story. The next is Skates' Story.

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