Art by Ed Hillyer

Stripes is a badger and member of the Emerald Hill folk. As a child, Stripes was informed by friend Ruff that Sonic the Hedgehog was on a rampage, destroying the Emerald Hill Zone's Star Posts. The badger refused to believe his hero was capable of such behaviour and still doubted it even after he gained "evidence" of the carnage. As Stripes and Ruff debated this, they were both abducted by Badniks and used as an organic battery. Stripes' Badnik resembled a prison cell on wheels, with a monstrous grin. He was later freed after Sonic convinced Doctor Robotnik to let them all go free.

Some time later, Stripes decided to leave the dangerous Emerald Hill and gain sanctuary with Doctor Sun in the Mystic Cave Zone. Stripes' father, Mr. Stripes, visited Kintobor's Laboratory and pleaded with Sonic to go and save his son. Sonic and Tails braved several traps before they met the doctor and Stripes, but the youngster didn't want to be rescued, preferring to stay in the safety of his new master. Sonic soon discovered that Doctor Sun was Doctor Robotnik in disguise, leading followers through the Salvation Doorway to a Badnik Processing Plant. Once Stripes realised he had been fooled, he gladly went home with the other children.

Stripes is a young child and, thus, rather innocent. Not yet fully subjected to the ways of RBR, Stripes refused to believe there was serious danger when faced with the Sonic Badnik (particularly since Ruff insisted it to actually be Sonic). He was later seen enjoying playing with flowers after being released from a Badnik, contrasting Ruff's antagonistic stare at the sky. He was also easily captured by his Badnik, suggesting a reluctance to fight or run.


  • Stripes may actually be the badger's second name, since "Mr. Stripes" isn't revealed to have a first name. Another theory is that he is called "Stripes Stripes", which isn't likely.


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