Shorty and Tekno reconcile

Sunrise is a Tekno & Shorty complete story featuring in Issue 245 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Six months after they were sucked through the Eternity Ring, Tekno the Canary and Shorty the Squirrel are still stuck in the frontier town of Solstice, trying to make ends meet. Solstice is a primitive town, but Shorty is keeping the pair going by selling gold and platinum at his market stall. Every day, Shorty returns to his cave out of town, content in his new world, secretly wishing he could stay in this world completely devoid of techology. Tekno isn't taking it quite as well; the canary appears to be going more insane every day, scribbling all over the walls any equation she can think of to get her home.

After another hard's day work, Shorty returns to tell Tekno that business is booming, which people hearing about the gold he's selling, gold from Tekno's earrings. Tekno is too busy and yells at him when he interrupts her calculations. Shorty angrily retorts that they nearly starved in their first month there and this is all he can do to make ends meet. Tekno sighs, wishing she had her computer to do all of the calculations for her. The two apologise to each other before Shorty reveals his good news; The Regent has invited Shorty to his ranch to discuss doing some work for the rich man. Shorty wants to use the Regent to help him get back home, but Tekno knows he is greedy, knowing he only wants all the gold for himself.

Later, at the ranch, The Regent talks about Shorty's gold, wanting to know where he got it from since he owns all the rest of it. Shorty declares it is from a far away place and he can get much more of it, as long as The Regent grants him access to better tools and vehicles. The Regent sees right through him, changing the subject. He has made contact with another land with lots of gold. This place has challenged The Regent to a fight, the winner claiming said gold. The Regent accepted and Shorty has been submitted as the champion sent to fight. Shorty refuses, but The Regent knows about them being aliens and the advanced writing on their cave walls, so has sent his men to capture Tekno. With his friend in danger, Shorty reluctantly agrees. Little did he know that the challenger he'd be facing would be none other than Slave One!



This is the first Tekno & Shorty story, their previous adventures falling under the Sonic's World banner. The next story is High Noon.

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