Tekno and Shorty are imprisoned.

Sunset is a complete Tekno & Shorty story which appeared in Issue 248 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Story, Art and Letters: Mike Corker


Tekno and Shorty have been captured by false Egyptian God, Set, who orders that Tekno elaborate on what happened in his last encounter with the canary, for Shorty's benefit. Set explains how he has come to be there, and makes reference to his ultimate revenge, revealing that he is the reason Shorty's armour was infected and they are stranded in Solstice. When Tekno and Shorty try to escape, they are shocked into a state of unconsciousness, and thrown into the Pyramid's dungeon. Slave One orders 3 of his weaker subordinates to guard over the prisoners, and Tekno stirs and begins to talk with the slaves as soon as Slave One is gone.
Back in Set's throne room, a scholarly slave has some ideas about where the Ring of Eternity is, but Set wants it immediately, so he can launch an invasion upon Mobius. Back in the cell, Tekno is telling the slaves about her past involving Dr Robotnik and his defeat at the hands of the Freedom Fighters, sowing the seeds of a slave revolt. One of the three whips a gun out, against the idea, but he is swiftly knocked out by his fellows. Tekno is released by the remaining two slaves and begins formulating a plan. The slaves will gather as many of their people as possible and, when all assembled are ready, go after Slave One, leaving Tekno to deal with Set....


The previous Tekno & Shorty story was High Noon. The next story was Twilight.

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