Super Marxio World is the home planet or dimension of the Marxio Brothers. Marxio World has never been seen, only mentioned in a couple of issues of Sonic the Comic. In Issue 18, Dr. Robotnik threatened to send the Marxios back there if they didn't thwart Sonic's raid on the Casino Night Zone, to which Grouchio replied "Nobody could be that cruel!" One has to wonder what Marxio World is really like if the brothers are so afraid of going back. In Issue 44, after the destruction of the Carnival Night Zone, Grouchio decided he would go back to Marxio World rather than face Robotnik's wrath.

The world is probably the setting for Marxio video games Super Marxio Sunshine, Chicio's Mansion and the unnamed game Sonic plays in The Sonic Terminator.


  • Given it's name and how terrible it appears to be, it is possibloe Super Marxio World is a communist nation similar to Soviet Russia.

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