Art by Brian Williamson and Steve White

Suzi is a minor protagonist in the Kid Chameleon series of strips in Sonic the Comic. Suzi is a young woman of school age who moves next door to Casey at the start of the first Kid Chameleon. Having just moved to the same school, Casey decided to meet up with her considering she was a good laugh and could play well on the Game Gear. However, their first meeting went badly; Casey ended up falling off his skateboard and Suzi entered Wildside with Brad instead. Desperate to talk to Suzi, Casey waited three hours until the doors of Wildside re-opened and Casey began his adventure, whilst also searching for Suzi.

As Red Stealth, Casey encountered a "Fire-Breath" but was about to leave it alone when he heard the voice of Suzi calling for help. Red Stealth leapt into action, slashing the monster with his sword to free Suzi. Wanting to keep her safe, Casey gave Suzi his sword and told her to run away should he be defeated. Instead of fleeing, Suzi rescued Red Stealth with his own sword, moments before he was about to be killed. Suzi was then captured by invisible sewer creatures, prompting Casey to transform into Eyeclops in order to find her. He succeeded, but had to transform into Micromax to get through a gap, losing him the ability to see the creatures. Suzi attempted to help him, informing him that the shadows were still in the room. As Bezerker, Casey rescued Suzi from the room but she was now beginning to feel the strain of Wildside. She still had the energy to point out the exit to Bezerker and then climbed a tower with Iron Knight. Before Casey engaged in the fight with the giant ape, he sent Suzi to safety on the telepad, freeing her from the game.

Later that night, when Casey finally returned home, he intiially believed the Wildside Suzi to just be a hologram. He soon learned differently after finding that her parents had called the police, saying she was missing. The two shared notes on Wildside with Suzi possibly realising that Casey was her saviour.

Some time later, Suzi encouraged Casey to return to Wildside, worried about Brad. Despite not thinking of himself as a hero, Casey returned to the virtual reality world on the request of his friend. She hasn't been seen since but is still presumably waiting for the return of Casey and Brad.


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