Swords are bladed weapons with a handle that are designed to either slash or stab enemies, usually for an instant kill. They are otherwise used to maim opponents by cutting off arms, legs, or fingers. Despite the deadly connotations, they are used quite often in Sonic the Comic, particularly in the Sega Superstars strips.


  • Joe Musashi owns a "Musashi blade" in the Shinobi stories, one few can fight against as it can even pierce stone. However, the sword was destroyed by The Void when it became impaled in a wall, yet Musashi appeared to have a spare one for his next mission.
  • As Red Stealth, Casey wielded a sword in order to fight Fire-breath, but gave it to Suzi so that she escaped. Red Stealth was saved from near-death when Suzi returned to kill the monster and repay her debt. For some reason, the first slash of the sword had the unexpected effect of shrinking the beast.
  • Tails was made to carry one along with his Enchanted Armour when he visited the Nameless Zone on the first few occasions. As well as fending off goblins, Tails accidentally used it to cut the Dimension Bridge he and Trogg were fighting on, causing them to plummet into the abyss. Fortunately, Tails could fly. As an aside, Trogg and all goblins either carried swords or maces.

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