The house always wins.

Tails' Tale is a brief two-page vignette comic published in The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks.


  • This story is uncredited.


Tails wants to have an opportunity to distinguish himself on an adventure without playing second fiddle to Sonic, and to that end has chosen to fly solo on an expedition to the Casino Night Zone. Tails decides that winning a large bounty of Power Rings on one of the zone's giant slot machines would be an excellent way to earn credit and improve his own power. It takes some effort bouncing off of the zone's furniture, but he eventually succeeds in hitting the machine's grille and starting the reels whirling.

Tails is pleased that Sonic hasn't turned up to spoil his thunder, but the wind is promptly taken out of his sails when the slot machine's reels spin down to a trio of Sonic heads! Aggreived that he seems incapable of breaking free of Sonic's long shadow, Tails breaks down in tears.

In the closing panel, Sonic reflects on Tails' fate, reminding the readers that true heroes always get top billing in every story, particularly in their own yearbook.


  • The comic was a very cookie-cutter licensed adaptation - the Casino Night Zone is depicted not as an actual location but literally as no more than the features seen in the video game playing field, complete with bumpers and flippers hanging mysteriously suspended in mid-air.
  • The fourth wall is comprehensively demolished in this comic - Tails narrates to himself and Sonic directly addresses the reader.
  • While the Yearbooks do not have any essential link to Sonic the Comic, in putting Tails back in his place for presuming to intrude upon his screen-time Sonic demonstrates the same arrogant and cocksure manner that he would be notorious for in STC.


This story is a standalone oneshot and does not relate to any other strip.

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