Tails & The Ultimax is a complete Tails story which appeared in Issue 253 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Story, art and letters: Stephen Davis


As the new Hero of Mobius, Tails is keeping himself busy, and on this occasion is on the trail of a disturbance in the Green Hill Zone, having hacked police transmissions alongside the Kintobor Computer. He soon finds the police being overwhelmed by the malevolent Green Gremlin. They've called for back-up however, which quickly appears in the form of a new team of heroes: The Ultimax. Kintobor pulls up some info on the team for Tails' benefit, but their Zebra is quickly brought down by the Gremlin, Dexter Bagstille being the only concerned member. As Tails observes the Ultimax's shortcomings, Kintobor chips in with some new info regarding the Green Gremlin: He may know who the Gremlin really is, having analysed his audio patterns.

As the Ultimax get nowhere in their battle with the Green Gremlin, Tails joins the fray, unmasking the Gremlin to reveal his old foe, Villin Othawick. Othawick is near-instantly brought down, and quickly taken into police custody, while Tails puts forward a request to the Ultimax. Since the Freedom Fighters are scattered and/or missing, Tails proposes an alliance between himself and the Ultimax. Unfortunately, Bagstille is too proud to accept Tails' request, but the fox persists. The Ultimax's funds and technology could help upgrade Kintobor, and the Ultimax would have links to the likes of Amy, Knuckles and the Chaotix Crew, plus a little extra public support. Bagstille is still uncertain, but is soon convinced by Theo and Holly. Bagstille and Tails shake hands, symbolising their new alliance in the war.


The previous Tails story was Visa Vixen. The next story is Spooks and Mirrors, despite the "Next Issue" tag suggesting something to do with filming.

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