Take That are a five-piece boy band from the United Kingdom, Earth. A highly popular band, the group disbanded in 1996, but returned in 2005 for another wave of success.

The singers apparently have some sort of crossover success in Mobius, although Doctor Robotnik used their albums as punishment when his Badniks fail to live up to his standards.

In the Decap Attack universe, Take That called Professor Frank N. Stein over the telephone, hoping that Head would be a backing singer on their next single. Unfortunately, the new superstar was busy, but the group instantly agreed to be dancers in Head's new music video.

Take That are mentioned in Issue 261's 20th anniversary as something that is younger than Sonic the Comic. Megadroid's assertion is incorrect, however, as Take That released their first album in 1992, a year before STC's first issue.


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