The main room of Tekno's Workshop at New Year

Tekno's Workshop is the home and workplace of Tekno the Canary, friend of the Freedom Fighters. Accessible by pulling on a certain branch in the Emerald Hill Zone, the base is underground and safe from the prying eyes of Doctor Robotnik and his Badnik patrols. It is unknown exactly when the workshop was built, but it is suggested to be during her employment under Robotnik as an engineer.

The Freedom Fighters first visited Tekno's workshop when temporary leader Shortfuse the Cybernik contracted a virus thanks to Vermin the Cybernik. The canary allowed them to stay for Christmas and New Year before suggesting that they all move into the workshop rather than be constantly on the move. Knuckles the Echidna was enlisted to dig tunnels around the base to give them more room but accidentally woke up a hibernating dragon. Despite the base then being ready for living in, Robotnik was defeated a few weeks later and the heroes moved into the Control Centre.

Tekno remained in her workshop after the electromagnetic pulse and built even more inventions to help in the fight against Robotnik. Her most impressive creations included a computer that could lock onto, and show the current status of, anybody in the universe. She also concocted a hologram that could beam the appearance of its user anywhere on the planet, something only Doctor Robotnik has been able to replicate.

Despite living alone for most of her life, Tekno's workshop was often host to Amy when she was taking a break. The workshop became abandoned for around a year while Amy and Tekno went on their travels through the Eternity Ring but Tekno moved back in once home. Since then, Shorty the Squirrel moved into Tekno's home, which became a prison when Shortfuse was suspected of committing a robbery at the Metropolis Zone Central Bank. The workshop has become derelict once more as Tekno and Shorty were taken to the frontier town of Solstice against their will.


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