The Hidden Palace transporter, art by Richard Elson

Teleporters are devices used to transport one item or person from one position to another. They presumably always act in pairs, since teleportation from one device must lead to another one. The most notable ones are the route between the Hidden Palace and the Sky Sanctuary Zone. Metallix Mark 2 used the teleporter to transport itself and the Master Emerald to Sky Sanctuary, its plan being to reach the Death Egg. Despite not completing its task, Grimer still found a way to activate the Sanctuary's teleporter, getting their power source onto the ship.

Another teleporter was to seen to be owned by Shayde, in the guise of Agent X. The matter transporter was likely a machine created by Doctor Robotnik but never used, yet Shayde used it to send Sonic the Hedgehog into the Shadow Dimension. This teleporter didn't need a counterpart, as its targets would just end up somewhere in the Zone. Tekno the Canary found a way to reverse the teleporter's actions and brought Sonic (and somehow Johnny Lightfoot) back home.

Teleportation has appeared on a few other occasions, but is never a big plot point. After her scuffle with Mister Shifter, Agent X19 returned to Citadel Robotnik by use of a teleporter. The Omni-Viewer acts somewhat like a teleporter, transporting his passengers to new places within his personal space. Star Posts also act something like a teleporter, linking its users to other Star Posts or the Special Zone. Outside of Mobius, the Eternal Champions use a small, handheld teleporter to transport themselves anywhere in time and space.

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