A strange land with strange threats.

The Betrayal of Mobius is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story published in Issue 236 of Sonic the Comic Online. Together with the later Sonic's World adventure Rouge Alert, this story serves as a prologue for The Battle For Mobius, planting seeds which come to fruition in the latter tale. The story also reintroduces the Drakon Empire to the STC universe, marking its first direct appearance in the online version of the comic (although an offshoot subculture of Drakons separated from the Empire did appear in STC-O's very first strip, Drowned).



Sonic has used the Mobius Ring on Flickies' Island to travel to the planet Drak, thinking the Drakons, having discovered Chaos energy, can somehow help him deal with the Syndicate's Chaos Siphon, though he isn't happy about the idea. He soon finds himself being mobbed by a number of locals, revealed to be fans of his since he won his trial by combat. Sonic doesn't feel like giving Journalist Scribe 2020 an interview and demands to see Emperor Ko-Dorr, who he learns has long since been replaced by one Emperor Brokken. Suddenly, a group of Sentinels appear, but Sonic quickly leaps onto the back of one, demanding to see whoever's in charge. He is swiftly taken to the House of Knowledge, where he is quickly restrained and brought before Master Scholar and Sister Haggra. Haggra thinks Sonic is here to lead the Drakons to the Chaos Emeralds, as a prophecy has foretold, but Scholar allows Sonic to speak first. Sonic gives the Drakons his reasons for coming, and knows full well why the Drakons should help him: He knows the Drakons want the Emeralds, and if Mobius is destroyed, they can't have them. Master Scholar agrees, and thus orders that Sonic be supplied with a Chaos Tap and Drakon sword to operate a Mobius Ring. After learning what the Tap does, and that he is now in the Drakons' debt, Sonic quickly returns home, leaving Scholar and Haggra to discuss Scholar's plan. They can deactivate the Chaos Tap at any time, destroying Mobius, and when they launch a new invasion, the Mobians will be unable to stop them as a result, thus giving them a chance to raid the Floating Island's emerald mine and create thousands of new Chaos Emeralds. Scholar then gives Delta Scholar instructions to tell Rouge, his spy on Mobius, to pull out of her operation but keep an eye on Doctor Zachary. Meanwhile, Sonic has planted the Chaos Tap, and sets off through the Mobius Ring again to finish things with Shadow and the Syndicate...


  • According to Ed Reynolds, Emperor Brokken, the new House of War leader, was inspired by the Brocken Mountain in Germany which appeared in the legend of Faust.


The previous Sonic story was Two Roads Diverged. The next was Vendettas.

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