The Big Bang is a Sonic's World complete story in Issue 238 of Sonic the Comic Online. It is the third part in a short story arc, following Unusual Suspect and The Least Likely.



Tensions are running high between Tekno the Canary and Shortfuse the Cybernik. Shorty has recently been found not guilty of robberies in the Metropolis Zone, but is furious that Tekno suspected him. Tekno attempts to contact him, saying she had to be sure, but Shortfuse cuts the link. Tekno isn't put off, as she has now tracked him down. In an isolated mountain range, it seems as if Shortfuse is behind the abductions and has strapped the civilians to a computer. Tekno spots the location but is disturbed to see a build-up of Chaos energy. However, upon landing in the chamber, she notices that there isn't a Chaos generator, but she has stumbled into a trap. Tekno lets the scared people down from the computer and they reveal that Shortfuse must be evil again. Tekno doubts this, instantly opening the sealed door and points out that the real Shortfuse would know Tekno could solve this.

With the people taken back to the Metropolis Zone, Tekno returns to the Emerald Hill Zone to find out what's wrong with Shortfuse's armour. She's soon distracted by the Eternity Ring which seems to have been powered up by foreign computers, locked on to an unknown dimension. As she inspects them, she is attacked by Shortfuse repeatedly. Before Tekno can be knocked out, she manages to reach for a remote control and deactivates Shortfuse's armour, freeing him from his slavery. The confused squirrel has no idea what happened and asks Tekno what's been going on. Before she can explain, a loose bolt from Shortfuse's armour bounces over to the Eternity Ring's controls and activates a transport. Tekno, Shortfuse and all of the computer equipment is sucked into the Ring and Tekno accidentally drops her computer and bag. With nothing to help her, it could be a long time away from home...


  • The computer used in the mountain range heavily resembles the Biological Computer from Victims and The Final Victory. Chris G stated that it was a homage to the original and didn't have the same function.
  • The Eternity Ring appeared for the first time in STC Online. It's name now became 'Eternity Ring', rather than the original 'Ring of Eternity'.
  • All but the first page's headers for the story state that this is "Unusual Suspect", a story that ended two issues previously.


The previous Sonic's World story was The Least Likely. The next is Bitten by the Gambling Bug. The next story in this series moves to the Tekno & Shorty arc with Sunrise.

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