The Big Fight is

Sonic takes it easy before mayhem hits the Special Zone. Art by Richard Elson and Steve White.

a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 95 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Nigel Kitching
B & W Art: Richard Elson
Colouring: Steve White
Lettering: Tom Frame


Fed up of living with Chaotix while stuck in the Special Zone, Sonic has got himself an apartment in New Tek City, where he is able to contact the other Freedom Fighters, Tails telling him of Shortfuse's joining the team. Sonic has to cut the conversation short when several violent tremors shake the building. The hedgehog rushes outside to see two suited, massive men openly brawling, one using a car as a weapon. Sonic wants to help out but isn't sure who's the villain. He rushes in anyway, deciding the 'villain' is the one who chucks a slab of rubble at him. When Sonic offers to help the other, he is blown away by him, who reveals that the fighters are in fact brothers. Sonic quietly backs away as one of the brothers is smashed into an empty building, which collapses immediately. The brother is unharmed and they resume their fight. When Sonic openly wonders who they are, he learns they're the Bruise Brothers, and their fights occur on a monthly basis. Sonic rescues an old lady caught between the brothers, and she swiftly wallops him with her cane. A bemused Sonic watches as she confronts the Bruise Brothers with stern words and a tugged ear, revealing herself to be their mother. The fights end this way every time apparently, and as the brothers are dragged away by their ears, Sonic realises he needs to get home before he goes 'as crazy as the rest of them'.


  • The Bruise Brothers are a reference to The Blues Brothers, without the musical aspect, obviously.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Eve of Destruction. The next story was Hero Hour.

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