The Chaos Emerald Thief is a complete story in Sonic the Poster Mag 8.



In the Metro Bar, an establishment in the poorest part of the Metropolis Zone, a hooded character has come to see resident Smirch about something he wants to buy. Sure enough, Smirch has the purple Chaos Emerald, stolen from the Floating Island under the nose of Knuckles the Echidna. The hooded character would like to buy it, but only after personally examining it. However, Sonic the Hedgehog has burst into the room, proclaiming that it is the real thing and wants to take it back. Smirch reacts quickly, releasing a cloud of poisonous gas, one breath of which would kill anyone. Sonic reacts even quicker, using his arm as a windmill to propel the gas towards a window. The window smashes and the wind takes the gas away. Smirch has escaped, but Sonic accosts the hooded man, questioning his role in the Chaos Emerald theft. The character reveals himself to be Knuckles, who does not appreciate Sonic interfering with his mission!

Sonic refuses to stay away, showing Knuckles a tracking device set up by Porker Lewis. The heroes quickly catch up with Smirch, who is both shocked that Sonic could get there so quickly and that Knuckles has now appeared. Knuckles runs in to attack; Smirch is faster than the echidna, but Knuckles punches a wall, causing a stack of bricks to fall his way. Unfortunately, Sonic has run around the building and charged towards the other side of Smirch and is caught up in a torrent of falling barrels. Smirch gets away again and the tracking device is now broken. The hedgehog and echidna begin to argue about each other's inadequacies, allowing Smirch to escape into the sewers. He emerges from another manhole away, slightly concerned that he isn't further away. Fortunately for him, Sonic and Knuckles are too busy bickering to notice. At that moment, Knuckles thumps Sonic, sending the hedgehog careering into Smirch. Sonic acts smug, handing Knuckles the Emerald as if that was his plan all along. Knuckles is incredulous, Sonic the hero once more.


  • Djukac draws Sonic (the real thing, not a doll or inflatable) for the first time in this story. In fact, this is the first story he has done for Sonic the Comic aside for Wonder Boy.


The previous Sonic the Poster Mag story was Facts of Life. The next is Trapped in the Vortex!.

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