The Cyberdome (alternatively spelled Cyber-Dome) is a gladiator-style venue of entertainment circa 2345 AD in the world of Eternal Champions. Fights to the death are commonplace and, naturally, the entrants are all highly competitive individuals. RAX Coswell made the Cyberdome his home and was one of its best fighters. Formerly a champion kickboxer, RAX could only keep up in the sport by getting an expensive cybernetic suit from a crime boss. When the criminal wanted a safe win to bet on, he planted a computer virus in his armour before a Cyberdome match and RAX was killed.

RAX returned to the Cyberdome in 2345 knowing that the venue held dozens of powerful weapons, such as the D-Level Kick-Blaster. Accompanied by Larcen Tyler, Jetta Maxx, Xavier Pendragon, Midknight and Trident, RAX helped himself to some equipment but all of them were captured and forced to fight to the death in a mini-tournament. The Champions not fighting would watch from their individual chambers as they waited on RAX to come up with an escape plan. Larcen was pitted against Jetta and attempted to make the battle look as real as possible. Insulting Jetta, the female warrior turned on her friend and finished the fight for him. Midknight was then defeated by Xavier after doubting the power of magick. As RAX and Trident walked towards their battle, RAX caused a distraction by punching Trident and disabled the protection holding everyone else in their cells. Unfortunately, their escape was impeded by a real cyber-team, angry that their chance in the dome had been taken. RAX pondered taking the guns grafted to the cyber-fighters' arms and Trident went ahead and ripped one from someone's body. Done with the Cyberdome, RAX teleported everyone away while promising a fighter a one-on-one rematch.


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