The Enchanter Kings are a trio of fox mages who rule the Nameless Zone. They possess powerful magical skills and are the ones responsible for summoning Tails to the Nameless Zone whenever there is a threat to their realm. The Enchanter Kings are under the impression that Tails is the hero of Mobius and that Sonic is just his assistant, a subject that the kings are experts at accidentally avoiding whenever Tails tries to explain the truth about his heroic status.

The Enchanter Kings have not been named individually apart from Shirob, who had been turned into the Berzerker warlord Trogg by the Dark One. Trogg once attempted to turn the other Enchanter Kings into Berzerkers as well using the Dark One's magic, but thanks to Tails, Knuckles and Morain Blackthorn, this plan was thwarted and the Dark One was destroyed. The dark magic that had once corrupted Shirob faded, and so Trogg returned to his former identity, reuniting the Enchanter Kings.

The Enchanter Kings were last seen negotiating a peace treaty with the Goblin king, Roubal. Tails and Morain had attempted to rescue the kings, not knowing that they were never in danger. However, by signing this agreement, the Enchanter Kings paved the way for the Goblins' occupation of the Nameless Zone.

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